Sun-dried tomatoes


Sun-dried tomatoes
Yields 3
A little jar of summer, packed full of healthy omegas and vitamins. Pop them onto a cracker or into a lunch wrap. Delicious!
  1. This recipe requires you to use your oven on a very low temperature 40 - 50º C or a dehydrator.
  2. The quantities are not specified, however 3 x 500g bags of baby tomatoes will generally fill about 3-4 small 250ml jars. The tomatoes shrink and can be compacted into the jars.
  3. - Cherry/baby tomatoes - as many as you can fit into the oven or into a dehydrator. Chop them in half and lay them flat on trays which have a non-stick baking parchment.
  4. - Garlic cloves chopped into quarters - usually about 3 quarters per jar
  5. good quality olive oil - you will need enough to fill the jars to the brim
  6. - Rosemary - 2 small sprigs per jar
  7. - Apple cider vinegar - 1 teaspoon per jar
  8. - Stevia liquid sweetener (optional) - 2 drops per jar
  9. The tomatoes will take about 12 hours to dry out, so a dehydrator will help. However, they may take a less time in the oven. A good warmer draw would also work. Some of the tomatoes will dry out quicker then others and that is okay, a few squishy ones are good for the flavour of the tomato oil.
  10. Once dried, pack them into the sterilised jars with the garlic, rosemary, oil, vinegar and stevia. (optional)
  11. Seal the jars and give them a few good turns back and forth to mix the oil and vinegar. Allow them the stand for at least 2 days to soak before eating. In my house they are lucky to last that long as my kids love them on everything.
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