Amanda’s Cakes

I love to bake and make cakes; smother them with love, colour and glitter and watch peoples faces light up with joy at their beauty and taste!

If you are wanting to makes someones life happy and filled with love then best you order a cake!

I bake for all dietary requirements: 

  • gluten free
  • dairy free
  • egg free
  • or all three together
  • paleo/ banting
  • full fat and sugar loaded


Some previous options to consider:

  • gluten free or normal fruit cakes
  • pecan and courgette cake 
  • coconut cake
  • carrot cake
  • brownies 
  • chocolate mud cake
  • decorated and bedazzled cakes
  • banana and chocolate cake
  • vanilla and champagne cake
  • gluten free donuts


I need a minimum of 48hrs notice and a little deposit and we are in business!

My number is 082 842 685.

Everyone needs an ‘Amanda Cake’ in their lives!

Amanda’s Cakes

Chocolate gluten-free christmas cake

Chocolate and vanilla cake 

Egg-free, dairy-free chocolate cake

Chocolate and vanilla golf cake

Courgette and pecan gluten-free cake

Chocolate and vanilla crazy cake

Gluten, dairy, sugar-free banana and chocolate cake

Gluten-free chocolate mud cake

Gluten-free lemon drizzle cake

Chocolate and courgette cream cake

Gluten-free carrot cake

Paris-brest with hazelnut cream

Gluten-free orange and rosemary shortbread cake