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What happens when a group of ladies get together in a remote rangers farmhouse on the outskirts of the Karoo in South Africa for a weekend of cooking and fun – you get happy faces and full tummies, all for a very worthy cause. What more could one ask for!

The AWPF is an organisation which believes there is a direct correlation between the social economic plight of the rural communities and the rapid disapearance of our endangered wildlife. They are addressing the problem through a campaign of education and social economic development which helps support the communities and hence the wildlife. The rhino are just one of the many species facing extinction. AWPF are actively engaged in training and supervising anti-poaching teams within South Africa and have strategic links with major game reserves. They aim to be a premier wildlife protection fund in Africa, with complete transparency of where the funds are distributed.

The AWPF women’s cooking weekend was an amazing creative way of fundraising for this relevant cause.

I was invited to put together a simple tasty menu and to demonstrate how to cook it. With the outside temperature set at very chilly and the fire roaring inside, the wine flowing, we all got stuck into carving chickens, dicing onions and turning carrots. Not an easy endeavour after a few glasses of wine!


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It is amazing how daunting a raw whole chicken can become – much hilarity! What an amazing bunch of ladies to teach and inspire.

My menu was very simple – a delicious chicken supreme served with a white wine sauce on a creamy sweet potato puree with turned honey buttered carrots and fresh green beans. This was followed by a molten chocolate fondant, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream!  Simple classic french cooking!


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After a very late night, a good breakfast and a brisk walk in the countryside; we got stuck into making homemade chocolate dipped honeycomb. A very sweet note to finish of a great weekend away from home!


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Thank you so much Markus and Hillary for allowing us to invade your Rangers Reserve.

This paradise is situated merely 2 hours from Cape Town and will capture your heart and plunge you into a world you will want to be a part of forever!

Check out all the amazing African experiences they offer : 1 – 3 day school and mini gap year programmes, as well as family bonding weekends.


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